Port to Everywhere - Dresden Files

08/14/11 Session

Midsummer, Lance gets a call from father, take care of brother’s business. Attend fey meeting with Aurora, Summer Lady. He grudgingly agrees to. Fate point? Kyoko comes home from college to ecstatic family. They ask her to attend the fey meeting to represent the Jade Wardens. Zoe obtains a package from the Fellowship of St. Giles. Communique says to attend fey meeting to obtain information. Red Court will be there. John Dorian receives compel to be at the right place at the right time. He meets up with Lance and a woman comes up to them asking if they are ready for the party. Same happens to all of us. We meet up with Aurora. Zoe questions John’s involvement with blood bank. Aurora tells us about the Unseele Accords. Non-aggression treaty from all factions. The fey court is restructuring so have to follow rules for the accords. Interested in having Jade Wardens possibly join accords. Zoe is told they need her to behave since the Red Court will be there. Aurora tells us about Catherine Ventarus, lives on government hill. We make our way to her house, through guards. Offers money for a job. Talks about 3rd eye, a magic drug. Opens a person’s 3rd eye. They are heading up an investigation to stop it’s spread in Anchorage. Have to get to warehouse and retrieve a shipment. She has people in place to remove it, we just have to protect them. Promises information to Kyoko. We are driven to the location in black vans. Lance and John approach the warehouse and look inside. John thinks he sees a ghoul. Bran runs off invisible. Kyoko hands her sword over to Zoe and scampers off to talk to nearby ravens. They tell her about 3 ghouls and 6 humans inside. We have only 30 minutes till they move the shipment. A scuffle breaks out inside. A Summer Court Knight, Alice, shows up and opens the door of the storefront. As she opens the dead human falls out. The shipment was moved up to 5 minutes. We engage in a fight. We head back to Catherine’s house in the black vans and talk to her. Alice has found a blood bank paper in the warehouse. It mentions that Lord Raith has donated lots of blood. Maria Lopez thanks him. Catherine thanks us for the work. Unfortunate that we didn’t get more samples to study.


akfenrir Kerensky

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