Raith Family Driver & Praetorian


High Concept – White Court Praetorian
Trouble – Too Many Targets

Other Aspects – Unknown


Alexei has no last name. Despite dozens of inquiries from not only the Raith Family, but from the rest of the White Court about his mysterious past, little information has been unearthed about the man-mountain Alexei. The man’s description of his bald pate, perpetual 5 o’clock shadow, enormous build and (assumed) Russian ancestry manages to elicite little information other than “Oh, THAT Alexei.”

Rumors fly that he was a spook for both sides of the Cold War, at the young age of 16; other suggestions intimate possibly supernatural origins. However, what all the contacts managed to confirm was the man gets the job done. Despite being a human, he manages to keep up with the threats against his employers, both supernatural and mundane.

His mysterious past aside, his moods seem to alternate between contemplative dedication and joviality with those he considers equals. Why he left with the wayward Lance is unknown, but Alexei continues to serve the Raith Family to this day.


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