Bran Upton

Bran is the son of the faerie/goddess Danaan and an unknown mortal man. He was born for a purpose but does not know what that purpose is.


High Concept: Son of Dôn
Trouble: Bred for a purpose
Aspect 1: Classical Boarding School Education
Aspect 2: Trust is the rarest commodity
Aspect 3: I’m outta here!
Aspect 4: Entangling alliances
Aspect 5: My heraldric cane

Powers: Glamour, Inhuman Speed
Stunts: Linguist (English, Cymru, Ancient Greek, Latin, Russian, Japanese)
Refresh: 1

Great Skills: Deceit, Empathy
Good Skills: Rapport, Presence
Fair Skills: Alertness, Athletics, Burglary, Lore
Average Skills: Investigation, Performance, Scholarship, Weapons


Bran Upton

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