Jack "Frost" Burton

Winter Gun Knight


High Concept – Winter Gun Knight
Trouble – Crushing on Alice

Other Aspects – Unknown


In the few short years in which Jack has been Winter Knight, he’s been very busy. After the ‘unfortunate’ departure of the last Winter Knight, Lloyd Slate, the winter court had spent several months finding an appropriate individual for the position.

As chance would have it, Jack, ever the ladies’ man, attempted to pick up Lady of Winter herself in a bar one night after a rough break-up. Maybe he’d had too many to drink that night, maybe he was anxious, but he had managed to impress Lady Maeve that night. What possibly impressed her more was not only his skill with words, but that he could do so under such a state of inebriation, and with a wisdom beyond what 30 years of life would earn.

She nominated him for the position the next day, but was denied by Mab, claiming him not ruthless enough to serve as a proper knight. In a rare event Mother Winter seconded the nomination, overruling her daughter in the matter. It was only in a year’s time that this same event occurred with his Summer Counterpart, Alice Hayward.

Despite her initial reaction, Mab has come to trust Jack and his judgements, particularly impressed with his style while fulfilling his duties. The reforging of the Sword of Winter’s Frost into a handgun she found particularly amusing, into the weapon now known as “Icebreaker,” the .50 caliber revolver.

Recently, he’s become intrigued with his summer counterpart, Alice Hayward. In a fascination that can lead no where but disaster he recently made a pass at the girl, despite the disapproval of both Mab and Maeve.

Jack "Frost" Burton

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