Kyoko Yamato

Shape shifting, sword wielding, ass kicking, cute Japanese girl


Name: Kyoko Yamato
Player: Matthew
Template: Emissary of Power
Refresh: 7
Adjusted: 1
Skill Points: 26

High Concept: Jade Warden
Trouble: Too many friends, not enough enemies
Blood is thicker than water
With great power, comes great responsibility
[[Who done it? | Who done it?]]
Ignorance is bliss
The greatest victory, is a battle not fought

Human Form
Great +4: Weapons
Good +3: Presence, Alertness
Fair +2: Empathy, Contacts, Athletics, Rapport
Average +1: Endurance, Might, Fists, Discipline, Lore, Investigation, Performance

Raven Form
Great +4: Investigation, Alertness
Good +3: Stealth, Athletics
Fair +2: Empathy, Survival, Burglary
Average +1: Endurance, Might, Fists, Discipline, Lore

Beast Change
-Raven Form, Diminutive Size, Wings
Echoes of the Beast
-Birds, Enhanced Vision
Human Form
Wizard’s Constitution
Marked By Power
Item of Power
-Katana Form, Inhuman Strength and Speed

Human Form
Physical 3
Mental 2
Social 4

Raven Form
Physical 3
Mental 2
Social 2


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Character Background (Mortal):
Kyoko Yamato is a 20 year old Japanese woman who resides in Anchorage, Alaska along with her family. Together they all help run the Japanese restaurant Yamato Ya. Her mother is an accomplished masseuse and her father a scholarly man. She has an older brother who has always looked out for her as she grew up. Her uncle lives with them as well but he was in an accident some time ago. He suffers from paralysis and memory loss.

Kyoko was born in Japan and her family has moved around a lot when she was young. She’s been to many places in Asia including mainland China, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia. She also visited California and Hawaii a few times. Her parents were very active in their jobs when she was younger but decided to take some time to settle down in Anchorage, Alaska.

Kyoko is currently going to the University of Alaska Anchorage to become an artist. She is a 3rd year student and is actively involved in the college community. Her hobbies and interests include anime and manga, martial arts, music, and hanging out with friends. She is considered a respected and honorable individual who others can come to for help when they need it.

Character Background (Supernatural):
Kyoko Yamato is a descendent of an ancient blood lineage that imbues her with supernatural powers. Long ago her ancestors were great warriors who fought against vampires in the East, the Jade Court. They had sworn a pact with other supernatural powers and the various vampire courts to help contain and hunt down the plight that was the Jade Court. Their blood was blessed (or cursed) with supernatural power that would enable them to uphold this task. Once the vampires were contained they pooled their powers and created a ritual that would ward the East and prevent most of the Jade Court from leaving. They named themselves the Jade Wardens and it was their responsibility to maintain vigil over these wards. Without the ability to leave their homeland most of the Jade Court went to sleep and awaited a time they could rise and once again seek dominion over mortals.

Hundreds of years have passed since the Jade Court was struck down. Only a few remain awake and are easily hunted down and either destroyed or returned to the East. The ranks of the Jade Wardens have waned over time and few bloodlines remain pure enough to carry the power of the supernatural. The Jade Wardens who are left have formed into a pseudo neutral faction amongst the supernatural communities. They offer their services and unique abilities to help mend differences and prevent conflicts between factions. The Jade Wardens always maintain tight nets of security and intelligence gathering to make sure they know the moment a Jade Court vampire is loose. They do not hesitate to share knowledge with others in the supernatural community as they believe when the time comes it will be reciprocated. None of the other vampire courts would want another rival in the East, after all.

Upon reaching puberty, Kyoko’s family revealed her true nature to her. At the time they were still traveling about Asia dealing with Jade Court disturbances. She was shocked to find out what power lay in her blood and that great supernatural powers vied for control of the mortal realm. But she was an obedient child and swore to continue the tradition of the Jade Wardens and become one.

The powers imbued to each Jade Warden are random and can be developed over time. Kyoko’s mother had a weaker link to her blood but developed astounding powers of healing. Her father who was always reading books and seeking knowledge was an accomplished sorcerer of great insight. Her brother had developed shape shifting powers that let him turn into a wolf and pounce on enemies. Her uncle had powers of great physical prowess and could slay vampires with his bare hands.

Kyoko herself became imbued with shape shifting powers like her brother but instead of a fearsome animal capable of rending flesh, she could change into a raven and fly high into the sky. Her beast change ability carried over into her human form as well. She developed enhanced vision beyond any human capability, even being able to see into other light spectrum. She could also talk to and understand other birds and send them on small tasks and errands. She, along with the rest of her family were also blessed with long life and could heal any wound given enough time. This allowed for a Jade Warden to serve beyond the span of a human lifetime.

Kyoko’s ancestors had created many weapons of power in the early days to combat the vampire threat. Her family still carried one of these ancient weapons as an heirloom. When she became of age it was her right to bear the weapon in the name of the Jade Wardens. The weapon itself is a simple looking and unassuming katana. When wielded by it’s rightful bearer however, it granted great speed and strength beyond mortal capability. This allowed the weapon to become instrumental in fighting the physically superior vampires when needed. Kyoko had been brought up in some martial tradition but it wasn’t until she inherited the sword that she learned how to use it properly. The bearer of the katana has a grave duty placed upon them. The power of the blade can utterly destroy and banish a crippled vampire and it is her responsibility to do so should the occasion arise. She keeps the sword with her at all times inside a long narrow tube slung on her back. When opened correctly, it reveals the sword in its scabbard, otherwise it reveals her painting supplies.

The Jade Wardens have a specific code they live by which dictates how they interact with the mortal and supernatural worlds. They will not reveal themselves to mortals but it is their duty to protect them from vampire threats and vice-versa. This includes to a lesser degree, the other vampire courts other than Jade. Should anyone of them rise to too great a power they will step in as they did long ago and prevent it. This protection goes both ways though. Should other factions represent a threat to the sleeping Jade Court, it is their duty to stop them and protect the wards in place. This also applies to other vampires as well. Any vampire can request asylum to the Jade Wardens and be placed in their protection. This rite has been evoked by many devious vampires who seek to betray the trust placed in them. Should someone violate this rite, there is no other consequence besides complete destruction. The Jade Wardens also possess the rites to investigate into the dealings of the other supernatural powers, under the pretense that some wrongs have been committed or a Jade Court vampire is loose. This allows them to declare neutral grounds, detain suspects, and petition aid if need be for the sake of all. These rights and responsibilities have been tested over the many years but the Jade Wardens keep to their word and resolve all the issues. They are respected among the supernatural community for this and their powers are stronger for it.

Kyoko’s powers proved a great boon to her family. She allowed them to see where no other could see and find her way into all sorts of places no one would suspect. She aided them in many missions but was inexperienced so she was never directly involved in any fighting. When her uncle joined her family for a mission she was allowed to come as a combatant if need be and carried her sword with her. During a stakeout a Jade Court vampire revealed himself to a tavern full of innocents and started feasting on them. They had no other choice but destroy the monster. He was much more powerful than they had expected though and in the ensuing combat her uncle was injured and fed upon by the vampire. In a last resort attack Kyoko charged the vampire and dealt a grievous blow to it. She was able to evade all of it’s attacks and it eventually fled. Her uncle barely survived the ordeal and was crippled. Since the vampire had fed off him, his powers of regeneration were diminished and he did not recover as expected. That was when Kyoko’s family decided they needed to take a break from Asia and moved to the United States to watch over from outside the wards. There her uncle could recover and the family could take it easy for a while as Kyoko developed her powers.

They chose to move to Anchorage, Alaska due to it’s strategic position on the globe. It was an easy place for a vampire to hide away and all sorts of evil to fester. When they arrived they decided to open up a restaurant to mask their operations. They still had a duty to fulfill and would need to continue their work even in the remote reaches of Alaska. They were surprised to see just how much was actually going on in the Last Frontier. Other supernatural factions all had a large presence here and vied for control. Kyoko’s family established early on their presence with the others and offered their aid as the duty of the Jade Wardens permitted. They were initially brushed off as mere annoyances but over the years they became a powerful middle man in supernatural dealings. They are respected for their fairly neutral status and their words are headed when given. It was in this land that Kyoko started to prosper as both a mortal and supernatural being. She found she could easily make friends with others and help them solve problems. Since she was given a reprieve from her duties and had much free time she decided to attend college and become an artist. She had always been good with her hands and the scenery of Alaska provided an abundance of inspiration. It always helps that she can shed her human form and take to the sky for a better view.

Life Style:

Yamato Ya Restaurant
Special Orders
Warded Basement
The Yamato Mobile

Family, Friends, and Allies:

Father: Miyazaki Yamato
Mother: Sakura Yamato
Brother: Minoru Yamato
Uncle: Toku Yamato
Best Friend: Jenna Larson
Friend: Robert McKenzie


High Concept: Jade Warden
Trouble: Too many friends, not enough enemies
Phase One Aspect: Blood is thicker than water
Phase Two Aspect: With great power comes great responsibility
Phase Three Aspect: [[Who done it? | Who done it?]]
Phase Four Aspect: Ignorance is bliss
Phase Five Aspect: The greatest victory, is a battle not fought




Beast Change
Diminutive Size
Echoes of the Beast
Human Form
Wizard’s Constitution
Marked by Power
Item of Power

Kyoko Yamato

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